Röseligarte 1

Im Röseligarte is a collection of 400 years of Swiss traditional folk music. It was first published between 1908 and 1925 and became later neglected. It was the start of a project based on traditional songs from the mountains. The reprint of the entire collection in 2008 gave a new impuls to make this album. The richness of traditional music in touching timeless themes of life is immense. The album Im Röseligarte brings the essence back into these modern times of music.

The swirling music is played with passion and joy by excellent musicians: Kristina Fuchs, Dré Pallemaerts, Jeroen van Vliet, Monica Akihary and Eric Vloeimans. This music is an ode to the joy of search and where it carries you.

Kristina Fuchs | voice, hang
Dré Pallemaerts | drums, percussion
Jeroen van Vliet | piano
Monica Akihary | voice, bells
Eric Vloeimans | trumpet