“We all play folk music” (Thelonious Monk) After I recorded “Im Röseligarte” – improvisations on folk songs of Switzerland (my home country), I wondered what Read more >

Röseligarte 1

Im Röseligarte is a collection of 400 years of Swiss traditional folk music. It was first published between 1908 and 1925 and became later neglected. Read more >

Röseligarte 2

Roses possess something wild, delicate, and carnal. They have something fragile and cruel. A fresh, intoxicating, and captivating scent. They mean moments of magic in Read more >

Röseligarte 2 | DE

CHANSONS SAUVAGES Rosen haben etwas wildes, delikates, fleischliches. Etwas zerbrechliches und etwas grausames. Ein frischer, berauschender, betörender Duft. Sie sind Lichtblicke in einem Steingarten. Lebendig, Read more >

Röseligarte 2 | FR

CHANSONS SAUVAGES Les roses ont quelque chose de sauvage, de délicat, de charnel. Quelque chose de fragile et quelque chose de cruel. Senteur fraîche, enivrante, Read more >