The singer with her kaleidoscopic voice juggles in the jungle of styles with mastery. At times, she sounds light and silvery, at times dark and velvety, at times crazy and joyful, but always musical and seducing.

Determined and virtuoso, she might accompany herself with a loop-station (electronic tool that permits to sing multi-voiced) and a hang (a Bernese kind of steel-drum). She’s always looking for new challenges.

The jazz-educated singer has lived in the Netherlands for more than twenty years. She has projects in various countries, mainly the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium.


Kristina Fuchs studied voice at the Swiss Jazz School in Berne (CH) and at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (NL). Her main teachers were Rachel Gould and Jeanne Lee.

She followed international Master Classes with Norma Winstone and Lauren Newton and more recently studied Indian Carnatic Singing with R.A. Ramamani (Bangalore).

Since more than 10 years she studies sound-oriented singing (Klangorientiertes Singen) with Ingrid Voermans.