Röseligarte 2

Roses possess something wild, delicate, and carnal. They have something fragile and cruel. A fresh, intoxicating, and captivating scent. They mean moments of magic in a rock garden. Vivid, joyous and grave. Their delicious flesh is a silky chalice. But those who rub them get pricked. They flagellate, take revenge, and bleed. They mean love, tears, living and dying.

‘In the rose garden’ is a garden of songs in Swiss German and French. It consists of songs Otto van Greyerz collected in his bouquet and others from the Jura mountains, songs to call the cows, melodies of former times for today.

When a Bernese woman climbs across the Röschtigraben and sings a hymn in a Jurassic dialect, and when some guy from the Jura yodels in Bernese with his incendiary blood of the prairie, then the bellow of the one from Lucerne starts breathing, then the mill of life starts grinding. Soil, sounds, our world.

Kristina Fuchs | voice, hang
Jacques Bouduban | violoncello, voice
Adi Blum | accordion, accordina

+ guests
Albin Brun | overtone flute, schwyzerörgeli
Andi Gabriel | violin
Daniel Erismann | trumpet, electronics
Lucien Dubuis | contrabass clarinet
Maru Rieben | soundscapes
Werner Hasler | trumpet, electronics

Kristina Fuchs
A singer who moves around many styles and line-ups with her kaleidoscopic voice. Sometimes she sounds light and silvery, sometimes dark and velvet, sometimes mad and playful, but always musical and seductive. In an obstinate and virtuosic way, she accompanies herself with a loop station (an electronic tool to simultaneously sing with several voices) and a hang (a Bernese invention) – always on a quest for new challenges. The Jazz singer lived in Holland for almost 20 years – today she travels between the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium.

Jacques Bouduban
This musician loves acting, he is a bit actor, clown, and singer. He is an observant cello player who knows to improvise, to accompany, and to compose. Like a violoncello, which has two sound hole ears open for the world, he vibrates and moves in order to confront, share, go along, learn and create. He gets engagements in Switzerland and Europe, where in a whole lot of projects all sorts of scenic ideas meet all styles of music. He lives in Neuenburg together with his wife and his two children.

Adi Blum
Adi Blum plays the accordion. He is specialized in the musical expansion of literary texts. He composes for the theater stage. He can be found on stage with Beat Sterchi, Pedro Lenz, Guy Krneta and other contemporary spoken word authors. He is the co-founder of ‘Bern ist überall’. Since his two-month trip to the Balkans, he enlarges his musical spectrum with rhythms and sounds from this European mountainous region. But he always likes returning with bag and baggage to the rose garden of domestic melodies.